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Tony Urban Author

I Kill the Dead - signed paperback

I Kill the Dead - signed paperback

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Being a bit of an asshole isn't required to survive the zombie apocalypse, but it helps.

Mead, the socially awkward fry cook turned zombie slayer, abandoned the main group of survivors weeks ago, fleeing like a ghost in the night. His whereabouts have been a mystery, until now. I KILL THE DEAD is Mead's story and sets the stage for the LIFE OF THE DEAD finale in book 5.

In the months after the zombies arrived, Mead travels the east coast, kills zombies with reckless glee, crafts an assortment of weapons, and meets fellow survivors, some new and some old. Along the way Mead shares his expertise on everything from exploding zombies to oral hygiene in the midst of the apocalypse.

138 page novella

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