As a horror and thriller author, wannabe cryptozoologist/monster hunter, and fan of general weirdness (both real and imagined), I’ve traveled over 200,000 miles seeking out everything from haunted asylums and UFO crash sites to creatures like Bigfoot and the Mothman. In a previous life, I worked as a hack in the independent movie industry, but I think my current career is much more exciting.

My first book, Travelogue of Horror, was published in 2013. That was followed up by West Virginia's Dark Tourism in 2016. That same year my first novel, Hell on Earth, was also published. Hell was book one in what became a best-selling zombie apocalypse series called Life of the Dead. Since then I've had several horror novels published including Within the Woods, Carrick Glynn, and In the Deep Dark. I've written five Carolina McKay Thriller books with my frequent collaborator, Drew Strickland. I'm also still writing non-fiction and my books Pennsylvania's Unexplained Mysteries and Pennsylvania's Most Haunted Places have both been wildly popular with readers.

I love road trips and dirt roads. I’m obsessed with Maine and Stephen King. Once I met Jamie Lee Curtis. I also hung out with the guy who played Damien in The Omen in Baltimore until about 3am many years ago. It's a long story...

I’m a Jeeper who always tries to wave. I have 2 spoiled dogs. I watch a ridiculous amount of horror movies. And I really, really I wish every day could be Halloween.

Me & Jamie Lee Curtis