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Tony Urban Author

Winter's Obsession - signed paperback

Winter's Obsession - signed paperback

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She was hired to uncover the truth, but she may be buried by the lies.

When a teenager disappears from a posh ski resort, her millionaire father, Nikolaus Winter, hires Carolina McKay to bring his daughter home safe and in one piece. A promise that may be impossible to keep.

Overwhelmed with suspects, Carolina enters a world of money, control, and jealousy as she tries to unearth what happened to Maurah Winter. All signs point to her running away, until a much darker threat emerges.

One that involves those closest to her.

As Carolina races to uncover why a girl with the world at her fingertips would vanish into thin air, she finds herself sinking in too deep. So deep she may not get out alive.

284 pages

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