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Tony Urban Author

The Nameless Graves

The Nameless Graves

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Carolina thought her past was buried until someone dug it up.

Just when her life seems to be on the verge of normalcy, Private Investigator Carolina McKay receives a mysterious envelope in the mail. Inside is a photograph of a field with GPS coordinates. And one very cryptic message: “Wish you were here.”

Upon receiving the clue, Carolina heads to Western Maryland and unearths a mass grave. Five members of a single family, all of whom went missing decades earlier.

Their nightmare might have ended years ago, but hers is just beginning. Soon, more photos arrive and more graves are uncovered.

A madman with a penchant for killing families has eluded capture for years. A madman who is now taunting Carolina and drawing her into the investigation. A madman who has a new family in his sights.

When new victims vanish, Carolina teams up with FBI Agent Baden Mulrooney to solve the case. Can they stop the monster before more bodies are left in his wake, or will it be Carolina who ends up in a nameless grave?

Find out in The Nameless Graves.

270 pages

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