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Tony Urban Author

Poaching Grounds - signed paperback

Poaching Grounds - signed paperback

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She thought she was the hunted. Instead, she's the prey.

After a lengthy stint in rehab, Carolina McKay is focused on making amends and getting her life back on track, until an old colleague calls, desperate for help.

Poachers found the bodies so mangled and mauled that they couldn’t even count the number of victims. But one thing is clear - there’s a madman on the loose.

Carolina’s ex-partner from the Baltimore PD is now a small town sheriff, and he’s in over his head with the kind of problem only Carolina can solve. The serial killer kind.

As she matches wits with a depraved killer whose grasp on sanity grows more tenuous with every passing hour, Carolina’s personal stakes are at an all-time high when her best friend is abducted.

Can Carolina catch the monster before he strikes again?

338 pages

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