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Tony Urban Author

Hell on Earth (Life of the Dead Book 1) - signed paperback

Hell on Earth (Life of the Dead Book 1) - signed paperback

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Humans are an endangered species.

Wim Wagner is content to live apart from society, isolated on his farm, as he tends to his animals and ignores the world around him. That all changes when his livestock begin to die, and flesh-hungry zombies invade his property.

400+ pound Bundy is serving a prison sentence for illegal firearms when his prison transport nus drives head first into the zombie apocalypse.

Homeless war veteran Aben just wants a ride somewhere south where the weather is warm and the cost of living is cheap. Instead he ends up in handcuffed to a toilet while the world dies around him.

As a plague sweeps across the world and reanimates the dead, Wim, Bundy, Aben, and fellow survivors battle to stay alive at all costs. Heroes and villains rise from the ashes of what used to be civilization and an epic, blood-soaked, and brutally realistic post-apocalyptic adventure begins. Who will survive in a land overrun with the undead?

274 pages

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