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Book 2 in the hit zombie series readers have described as, "Stephen King's 'The Stand' meets 'The Walking Dead'."

In the weeks after a virus decimated humanity and left less than 5,000 people alive in the U.S., a diverse group of survivors struggles to stay alive. Farmer, Wim Wagner has abandoned the safety of his farm in hopes of finding Ramey, the mysterious girl who flitted in and out of life in the midst of the outbreak. But, Ramey is on the road searching for her father and trying to locate the mysterious X on a map that promises safety.

Meanwhile, survivors like Jorge and Bundy find themselves lost on the road, trying to locate other human beings and fighting off hordes of zombies. Some rescue missions end in success, but others in tragedy.

Teenager, Mitch is trapped in a secret, underground bunker along with his mother and thousands of the undead. 

Mina has escaped the hospital after killing her father when he turned into a zombie.

Grady desperately attempts to protect his autistic son after the boy died and returned as one of the undead.

They're only a few of the men and women fighting survival in a world where the dead have returned to life and overtaken the country. Will they find each other on the road or are they destined to life and die alone?