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I am a :

Dog Lover
Horror Movie Geek
Halloween addict

Wannabe cryptozoologist
Log cabin enthusiast

My earliest memory of writing stems from the third grade when, on a complete whim, I wrote a 7 page story about taking a road trip with my friend and my Cocker Spaniel (2 different entities) to Pittsburgh to see KoKo B Ware compete in a WWF wrestling match. I was so proud of this pinnacle of literature that I asked the teacher if I could read it aloud in front of the entire class. I seem to remember my classmates bursting into applause as I read what must have been a harrowing tale of life on the road. I might be making up the applause part. 

I wasn't one of the kids who grew up wanting to be a firefighter or astronaut or President of the United States. I never really knew what I wanted to be but I have always enjoyed writing. I landed my first professional writing gig when I was a junior in high school and went on to write over 100 magazine articles over the next ten or so years. Around that time I succumbed to delusions that I could also be a successful screenwriter while living in Pennsylvania. Success did not come a calling but along the way I was a semi-finalist in the Walt Disney  Fellowship contest and I co-wrote a movie called POOR WHITE TRASH (not an autobiography) which ended up being filmed with a cast including Sean Young, William Devane, Danielle Harris and M. Emmett Walsh. The movie played in theatres for about a week and on Comedy Central for several years and is now mostly forgotten. No great loss.

I started my photography business in the mid 2000's and ended up finding much more success than I ever anticipated. My work has been featured in books and magazines worldwide and I've photographed the likes of Bill Clinton, Danny Glover, Gary Busey, and several actors from The Walking Dead. I even met and photographed my idol, Stephen King, and in the process because a tongue-tied fanboy unable to strong together a coherent sentence.

Around 2012 I decided to get back into writing, this time in the form of books. I pitched an off beat travelogue of horror movie filming locations and real life haunts to a publisher and, much to my surprise, they wanted to publish it. That meant I had to actually write it. It took a while, but in the fall of 2014 my first book, Travelogue of Horror, was published. It sold wonderfully on Amazon and in stores like Barnes & Noble. It did so well that the publishing company asked me to write another book. That tome, "West Virginia's Dark Tourism" should be released around Halloween of 2016. My third travel guide, "True Crime Travelogue", is currently being written and will hopefully come out before 2020.

Spurred by this modicum of success, I've decided to continue down this rabbit hole of writing and am about half-way through my first fiction series, LIFE OF THE DEAD. I've been amazed to discover that books 1 (Hell on Earth) and 2 (Road of the Damned) are selling all over the world. Book 3, The Ark, is coming soon.

Along the way, I'm still juggling a photography business and dealing with general "life" stuff.  Wish me luck. Or don't. So long as you buy my books, I don't mind.