A BAD PLACE is a 15K word short story available exclusively on Amazon.com

What would you do if you found a murdered girl in the forest? For 12-year-old Phil, the answer is easy - tell only your two best friends. When the trio of boys ventures into the woods to see if Phil's story is true, they had no way of knowing they'd be hiking headfirst into a nightmare.

A modern spin on a Grimm-Brother's styled fairy tale, A Bad Place is a horrific coming of age story about living, and dying, for your friends.

What Amazon & Goodreads reviewers saying about A Bad Place:

I didn't know what to expect from this short horror story, but let me tell you it was one of the most disturbing yet touching books I have ever read. Reminded me a lot of the movie "Stand by me". I will be very up front and say that this is not my type of horror book at all as it is very disgusting and disturbing but the book was so powerful and well written that I just had to give it five stars. I felt nauseous and tearful at the same time. Reader beware! Strong stomach required! "
"This is a wonderful book and I'll be reading more by this author. Thank you Tony for a great experience in reading."

"A gingerbread house doppelganger. Recommend to anyone interested in a foreseeable award winning writer."

"I couldn't put it down"

"Very graphic and creepy. A fun short story, recommended for fans of horror."
A Bad Place
By Tony Urban